1 year of being full-time self employed!

A year of Salt & Co. full-time... wow. Its sort of hard to believe I did it. Survived off running my small business for a year without a part time bar job to tick me over and pay the bills.

Its been one of the toughest, most challenging and also the most wonderful year of my life. Last week I celebrated my one year anniversary of being full time, self employed. I got a bit emotional and found myself reminiscing about how far I've come. 

I wanted to post something here, where the majority of my sales come from to celebrate the occasion. I figured if its here, it'll be here forever.. Well I like to hope so anyways.

So, many of you know Salt & Co. didn't start a year ago, it started many many years ago, a decade in fact- when I started making jewellery after being diagnosed with a Chronic Illness.

Looking back on those simple, basic designs and how far I've come now makes me tear up. I can remember coming up with some of my designs years ago but feeling like I would never have the skill set to bring that design to life.

When I first launched my site I had a complete confidence crisis. I was worried nobody would want to wear or buy my jewellery, that my designs weren't good enough or my prices weren't low enough. I dived head first into a market I knew nothing about and one I'm still dedicated to learning. But in the first two months you amazing people proved me so wrong, and I learnt the importance of self belief.

I risked everything to get here and I'm financially still not 'out of the woods' but I'm heading in the right direction. & I am so pleased I finally took the leap into being full-time self employed. For all the friends I've met along the way, the fellow artists, designers and marketing gurus, the customers, bloggers and models, 

So thats enough waffling from me, but before I go..

A few Thankyou's to those who helped me get here...

To David, for all that you have done to support me and for every time you have had to pick up the pieces when I had technical issue after technical issue, for every time I cried and wanted to give up on this little dream of mine. 

To my parents, for that little bit of money that helped me find my feet and start my new website. For constantly supporting, helping and being proud of me.

To my Mum, for always wearing and advertising my designs and singing my praise every chance you get.

To Patrick, who works on the support line at my website, for my 11pm meltdown on a Saturday night where he not only fixed every online error I was having but also gave me the biggest pep talk of my life. 

Most importantly, to each of you who continue to support me and send me your love, who share my page and my website and tell a friend. Without you I wouldn't be able to do what I love. THANK YOU.

I will always be grateful.

Martha. X



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