Delay in orders placed between the 26th & 4th .. Here's why

I'm hiding inside from the Brittish drizzle, indulging in a coffee and an ultra gooey homemade brownie... The only thing more I could want is a crackling fire, sadly that's one thing new build houses (well mine at least) aren't equipped with.. none the less I am cosy and wondering what the hell happened to the Summer. 

I went shopping for my holiday yesterday, I bought no bikinis, no shorts and no sun tan lotion.. but lots of midgy repellant, waterproof trousers and some new walking boots. We're taking a family trip to the west coast of Scotland, a week of coffee drinking, hill climbing, baking competitions and some much needed relaxing! My idea of paradise, I just love Scotland. 

Scotland, a little holiday. Blog post by Salt & Co.

Since I started my little business venture, I haven't had a full day off. Its really hard to switch off when your business is your baby (as some of you may well know). I can't spend a day without checking my emails or posting on Instagram. So in some ways a holiday is going to be a big challenge for me, but its certainly needed. This year has been really tough in all honesty, its been hurdle after hurdle and I've been out of my comfort zone more times than not. Its been amazing, don't get me wrong and I am truly grateful but I am also exhausted. So a little 'me time' would be much appreciated. 

So I'm here rambling on to let you know that I will be away between the 27th August and the 5th September. I really hope this doesn't cause any of you any inconvenience and I hope you understand. If you place your order before Friday morning (25th Aug) it will be posted as usual but any placed after will be posted on Monday 5th September.

It really is just me here, so theres no one to cover, so whilst you will still be able to place an order, please be aware that it will not be posted until Monday 5th September. All orders will be posted 1st class and you are welcome to use the discount code POST for free postage during this time. 

So I will be enjoying a week on the blissfully wet and cold west coast of Scotland, walking Mallow dog in the hills, trying to bake better victoria sponges than my mum and drinking coffee on the edge of Loch Carron.

I'll be thinking of you all and my little business 24/7 no doubt, but I hope to come back fresh faced, relaxed and full of new design ideas! 

With love, Martha x



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