Going Golden..

I did a poll a couple of weeks ago over on Instagram and it turns out you guys are pretty into gold right now. So I took your advice and despite not being all about the golden life myself, I released some gold plated products. 

I'm a sterling silver obsessed girl, but even I love this new affordable, fashionable range.. Tell me what you think! Theres more to come.. 


Night Sky Hair Clip Set, Salt & Co. £16.00



Night Sky Statement Earrings, Salt & Co. £14.00





Styled with: Topshop Jamie Jeans in Dark Denim, Topshop Crinkle Shirt (old), Gucci Belt, Night Sky Hair Clip/Pin Set, Night Sky Statement Earrings both from Salt & Co. (£16.00 , £14.00)


What to look out for (photos coming soon) 

Gold Plated Circle Earrings, Salt & Co. £18.00



Large Star Hoops , Salt & Co. £12.99



Sold Out