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Keepin' your locks light

Its the time of year a lot of ladies start thinking about getting lighter locks. For those of you who want to do it at home, whether you're thinking of doing it gradually or just grabbing the bleach and risking it, or if you're heading off to spend the big bucks at the salon but want to know how to make your blonde bright and lasting, keep reading.

Blonde isn't an easy colour to maintain. After seven years of being an out-of-a-bottle-blonde, I speak from experience when saying blonde is hard work. But for me, its true- blondes do have more fun!

Blonde Hair, Martha Gothorp. Blog post for Salt & Co. jewellery blog.

In this little blog post I'll be outlining my go to blonde products & tips & tricks that have worked for me over the years. I'd like to fully disclose before you read this though that I'm not a hairdresser, I'm speaking from my own personal experience here of what works for me!

 So for me, I first went blonde at the age of 13 on a family holiday in Italy, all thanks to some sticky lemon juice and a bottle of John Frida's 'Go Blonder' spray. I've always had naturally mousey hair that would get blonde highlights in the sun, so in my early teens I decided to experiment. I went a kind of ginger blonde at first, it took a long time to get to the bright blonde I was craving for. You can buy John Frida's 'Go Blonder' spray & shampoo/ conditioner from Boots or the bigger supermarkets. I would definitely recommend the spray, Just cover your hair, comb it through and take the hairdryer to it! I wouldn't preach the shampoo or conditioner but Boots usually do 3 for 2!

Go Blonder John Frida. Blog post by Salt & Co. how to maintain your blonde hair.

So when going blonde you really need to think about what shade you want to go (it sounds silly but its important! Theres a wide spectrum of shades of blonde!!) Its really important, wether you're dying your hair or lightening it gradually to tone your hair, especially if you're not wanting a brassy, yellow blonde look.

I tone my hair once a week with this:

This is my holy grail of blonde hair products and super reasonably priced. This keeps my blonde bright and fresh. I apply it all over my head, really concentrating on the ends once a week and sit with it on for anytime between 5-30 minutes (depending on how brassy my hair is looking and how white I want to go) and I'm left with glowing locks. 

Salt & Co. jewellery, Martha Gothorp jewellery designer blog post about keeping your locks light - hair guide for blondes. Featuring lidded Stackers of London mini in white/mink.

The second thing to remember is that bleach will damage your hair, you really have to keep on top of that. Everyone has different types of hair but for me I have curls and my hair is damaged in the ends. I apply conditioner once a month in the tips of my hair and go to bed with a top knot, by the next day my hair is softer and happier looking. 

I apply a hair mask every 1-2 months and again, sit with it on for 15-30 minutes (theres a lot of sitting around being a blondie) 

So the other thing you have to remember is BLONDE IS A COMMITMENT ! 

I'm not saying once you go blonde you can't go back, I'm saying that once you go blonde you get roots, damage and your colours always changing, so tone tone tone. 

So how do I not spend £100 at the hairdressers every 6 weeks getting my roots done you ask?

I like my roots to blend, I don't hate having roots, I try to go for an all over messy blonde job with ombre'd ends into a more white blonde. This works for me. So to get the blended in root, I use Loreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly. This is a product I actually prefer to John Frida's Go Blonder (its available in most boots or super drug stores and usually on offer for £5.00 -normal price I think is £6.99- Cheaper than John Frida too. For me it does the job, doesn't irritate my skin or scalp and gently makes a big difference to my hair.)

No ammonia and no strong smell! I apply this to my roots and drag it down into some of the mid lengths of my hair, top knot it all up and go to bed. I wake up with brassy, golden looking roots, wash my hair with my silver shampoo (I mentioned before) & I'm good to go. 

If your hair doesn't take to colour as well, you may need to use this a few times to achieve desired shade of faded in root! You can also use this to lighten your hair all over. Its like a clear gel, you have to apply it with gloves (I never do, I just wash my hands well afterwards.) 

 Martha Gothorp, Jewellery designer & founder at Salt & Co. jewellery shop, writes blog on maintaining your blonde hair & going blonde.


So if I haven't lost you yet, and you're not only interested in maintaining your blonde hair but starting your blonde life then this is for you- 

A few years ago I ditched my blonde hair and went dark for a few months, when I returned to the hairdressers and asked to go back blonde they gave me all over mousy highlights and I just wasn't happy. So after already spending £150 in the salon, I needed a quick fix to get my hair the colour I wanted. I came across Loreal Préférence Glam Highlights on offer for £6.00 in Superdrug. I was SO nervous after having a few home hair dying mishaps in my teens, I knew this could go horribly wrong or really well. None the less I risked it!

Loreal Glam Highlights, maintaining blonde hair. Blog post by Martha Gothorp for Salt & Co. blog.

So L'Oréal really have created a game changer here. Summer highlights no longer break the bank and you can do it yourself easily. (Always read the instructions before dying your hair.) 

This glam highlights product comes with a unique comb with three sections, This is what evenly distributes the colour so you don't have to faff about teasing and separating strands. Simply split your hair into sections as if you were about to blow dry it. I do mine layer by layer, starting at the bottom/back and then split it in half over my shoulders before combing the product through. Its easy to apply and gives great results. This is available for different levels of highlight (available for brunettes too!) and I really love this product. I still use it in my roots for awkward places that tend to get missed with a gradual lightener. It gives lovely tones to your hair and a glistening colour without too much damage. (I always use a toner after using this product to get rid of any blonde or brassy tones)

Be careful if your hair is already very damaged or fine as bleach products or lightening products may cause your hair to snap or even fall out. Seek advice from a professional hairdresser if you're worried about home colouring your hair. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this blog post helped! Remember if you're thinking about going blonde: BLONDE'S HAVE MORE FUN ! 



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