Love Yourself : February Fashion

Its the month of love and my wardrobe is the definition of tired. So I find myself scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration. With Valentines date night fast approaching and no idea what to wear (or even if I will be asked to do anything!!) I want to treat myself. I'm not huge on the Valentines Day thing, I mean how could you be? Flowers double in price, you end up eating too much chocolate and putting on a stone and you have to book a table if you want to go out for food. Not exactly my idea of fun but I love the whimsical, love inspired looks and window dressings in the street. Love is in the air, literally.

So this blog post isn't necessarily for those of you with fancy dates coming up on February 14th. If you follow us on Instagram (@saltandco) you will know that we are doing discounts and offers all through February as part of our "LOVE YOURSELF" campaign. So wether you're having a cosy night in with a bottle of wine and the girls, a fancy date with the love of your life or wether its just another day in the calendar for you, we're here for your outfit inspiration and if you head over to the 'shop' you can treat yourself to something pretty to finish off your whimsical/love inspired fashions. 

1. Morning coffee with the girls-

Keeping it casual but with a feminine touch of crushed velvet in a soft shade of pink finished with casual black denim and 'just got out of bed' hair. Whats not to love about this everyday look?


2. Just another day in the office-

Business as usual? Don't let that stop your wardrobe being influenced by love, add lacey details and finish your look with a soft bow to give that subtle look of loveliness.


3. From strolling through the shops to drinking cocktails in the afternoon-

Pink and pleats, what more could a girl want? Topped with a leather jacket and a turtle neck to dress it down- this look is the perfect feminine outfit to take you from day to night.


4. Fancy Dinner? Time to pull out your LBD-

This dress is a stunning and feminine touch on the classic LBD, with a luxurious velvet fabric, deep neckline and tied waist band. I love those little boxy clutches too. So stylish.


5. Comfy, Casual - 

Peachy silk vibes, keeping it casual with floaty details and soft, natural curls.


6. Want a look that gives the wow factor?-

Check out this stunning plum red number paired with a YSL velvet clutch and nude shoes. Its a little too cold out in England to waltz down the street in this striking number but layer with a nude trench coat and you're good to go.


7. From office to happy hour-

This floaty blouse with a high tie neck and spotted details is the perfect classic look that will take you from day to night. 


8. Casual and stylish-

All the shops are adding pops of pink and red, so why not add some to your look too? Red pumps and a slim line clutch to match your lipstick is the perfect way to mix it up effortlessly.

9. First date feels-

Lace details, soft cosy knitwear and lots of layering. This look is so now and super easy to create. Everyone owns a little lace and knitwear right? Pair them together, throw on some necklaces and you're good to go.


10. Soft and stylish-

Thin knitwear, bold bow belts and contrasting shades of pink and plum. This look is all about clean cuts and bold colours.


So there is my style inspiration for February! I am trying to ditch the plain black tees and jeans and incorporate colour into my everyday looks and wear less makeup. I've ditched the eyeliner and dark shadows and gone for a bare faced, simple makeup look lately and just tried to mix it up occasionally with the odd touch of red or plummy lipstick. 

I've been loving Zara's new collection featuring bold colours, bow and knotted sling back shoes and floaty skirts featuring pleats and bold embroidery. 

'Learn to love yourself' is what I keep telling myself when I get dressed in the morning. 'Embrace your flaws'. I'm working on loving the skin I'm in and thats what I think Valentines Day should be about. Its certainly what I need at the minute.

I hope you all have a February full of love! Whether it be from yourself, your best friends or your other half! And don't forget to finish your style off with Salt & Co. jewellery and show it off on Instagram! I love to see how you style your pieces!

Thank you for reading.

With love, Martha x



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