New Years Resolutions

Its the last day of 2016 (YAY - We made it!!) So I find myself sat with a skinny latte mulling over the year and writing down my New Years resolutions. I have a long list of business resolutions and could sit here for hours telling you about my aspirations and sales targets and things I want to tick of the to do list, but what I find myself struggling with is my own personal new years resolutions. 

You'd be surprised how often this happens, I could go days without thinking about myself, just being wrapped up in what needs done and working towards an outcome. Thats because I love what I do. The biggest struggle for me since starting my own business has definitely been creating a balance and setting boundaries for myself and my business. This is something I continue to struggle with on a day to day basis. 

So I sit debating what New Years Resolutions I want to make and here they are:

1. Quit all food containing sugar.

Why on earth would I want to do that I hear you ask? I've actually quit sugar before for over a year and I felt  A M A Z I N G . Who wouldn't want to feel amazing and look awesome in a bikini? The last time I quit sugar I realised the true extent of my sugar addiction. I've always struggled with my health, especially my energy levels and physical ability and quitting sugar kicked that constant hangover feeling I had in the morning (not from drinking a bottle of wine a night might I add) I had more energy, clearer skin and a healthier body. It was like a weight had been lifted (literally in my case- the weight fell off me) I'm not going to lie to you though, in the first month I was like a bear. I would tear the house apart looking for a cube of chocolate or something sweet. But with the help of my amazing and patient mum, I kicked the cravings and ate entirely clean. Somewhere down the line when I was working long hours and under a lot of stress I ate a marshmallow and one thing lead to another and I was back on the sugar fix train. So in 2017 I am going to kick the sugar addiction and eat clean. (This time with the help of my favourite recipe books by Deliciously Ella! I especially love the Every Day book, Healthy recipes that don't take a whole day to make- What more could you ask for?)

2. Create a work-life balance.

As I mentioned before this is something I have struggled with, especially over the last two months. I want to create a working life routine and remember to take a day off once a week!

3. Drink more water.

There isn't much more to say about this- We should all be doing it but its so much harder than you would think!

4. Make more effort with my friends

It sounds ridiculous but with my business as my priority, and my family coming in close second, I sometimes struggle to find time for friends when life gets busy. I need to get better at responding to texts, making time for coffee catch ups and a girls night every once in a while! 


So those are my four 2017 resolutions I plan to stick to, What are yours?

I'll keep you updated if I'm sticking to them over the course of the year via Instagram!


Best wishes to all of you for 2017.

With love, Martha x




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