Salt & Co.'s New Years Resolutions

"New year, new me" 

I've always hated that. 

Last year I forced myself to write a "New Years Resolutions" post, I did it half heartedly and it really showed upon reading. All I really wanted to think/talk/write about was my little business. But I was so frightened of loosing myself in this business venture that was quickly taking over my life so I was pushing back, trying to cling on to some part of myself.

2017 taught me a lot, but the most important lesson I learnt was "Just be you". When I first started this little business venture, I was trying to hard to find success, to be like other brands and companies because thats how I thought it had to be done to be right. But there is no right or wrong here and the most humbling and wonderful thing I've learnt in this last year of trading is that you (my lovely customers and supporters) buy from me because I am me. You like the fact that its just me here, trying to do it all and putting my heart and soul (and a ton of blood, sweat and tears- literally.) into everything. Honesty is the best policy. There will be a lot of changes this year at Salt & Co. and I hope you'll continue to support me in this venture, no matter what direction I choose to go in. 

So this year the 'New Year' blog post is a little different. I've done a lot of reflection and its taken me a long time to get round to writing this post. (The blog is more a space for me, my feelings. An outlet. So its not too high on my priority list when it comes to running this business- I mean who even reads it anyways?)

This year I'm writing 'resolutions' for my business. The thing that I wake up for in the morning, the thing I am most passionate about. I'm done resisting and trying to hold onto some part of my old, selfish self. Instead I am going to try and make Salt & Co. more me.

My new years resolutions...


  • Add a handwritten, personalised thank you note in every order.

I tried to do this over christmas, gift wrapping and adding hand written gift tags to each order, wishing you a merry christmas and thanking you for your order/support and got an amazing response rate. Its something I'd really like to stick with this year.

  • Learn Calligraphy

This sort of goes hand in hand with the first resolution, I have terrible hand writing and I really want to do hand written touches on all my orders / invoices that are pretty and don't look like they were written by a twelve year old! So I ordered a fab kit from a company called Quill London and I've been practicing at every 5 minute coffee stop / break I get! (I'm still rubbish!)

  • Just be me.

I've explained this one a little earlier in the intro, so I won't repeat myself... 

  • Do more coverage on behind the scenes. More instagram stories of me making things, more photos in my studio, more photos of the story behind each piece on social media. 
I am so self conscious to show you all what a messy worker I am, but my behind the scenes photos and videos have always received a great response and it seems to be what you guys are most interested in!
  • Put my prices up to actually cover my costs.

It seems a little mean to adjust my prices, I always wanted my jewellery to be affordable. But its about time I started trying to make a living from this and actually taking what I do seriously. Expect a 20% increase over the course of the year. 

  • Expand my list of stockists

I'm always looking for great new businesses to work with and stockists are a great way for me to get my brand out there. I just need to figure out a way to approach them, I hate the sales pitch. Its never been my strong suit. But I really want to share my jewellery with the world and be more than just an online store. 

  • Collaborate with other businesses and people.

Last year I met some of my closest friends through doing business with them, I love collaborating with other people and businesses. Its a fun and creative way to really make you think differently about what you do. So I hope to do much more of that this year.

  • Make all my images on my website the same size!!!

I promised myself I'd do this last year but its such a big job... I keep putting it off!!! Fingers crossed this is the year I tick it off my to do list!

  • Make a collection that represents my roots, my style and is something I'm proud of.

Thats always the goal, all I ever wanted was to make jewellery. It can be so easy to loose touch with why I am doing this and what I really love. But the bottom line is that I love creating. I love silver and I love working with it. This year I vow to remember that and not get lost in the analytics and finances of it all.


So that it- 9 resolutions that I really hope I can stick to. I reckon I have a better shot at sticking to them than my personal ones. I hope the changes I make this next year are for the better and help this business to become a sustainable income for me and my family. But more than that I hope I can continue making beautiful things and seeing you wear and love them. 

I truly wish you all a happy and healthy 2018! Fingers crossed that this will be our best year yet.


-Just be you.


With love as always,





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