Some new products..

I've been super busy this last few weeks and pulled together some new designs (or at least modified some original designs..) so thought I should write a little blog post about the latest designs.. all of which you can find under the 'recently added' collection.

So lets get straight to it..

Spotted Stacking Ring, Made to size. Sterling Silver. £28.00

Large Bee Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver. £23.00

A few of you have been asking me about the size difference of the original "Bee Happy Studs" so I thought I'd show you them side by side to compare..

As you can see they're a lot bigger but still boasting the same details! Whats not to love?

Star Bangle, Sterling Silver. £72.99

Sweetheart Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver. £35.00

"Bee Happy" Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver. £29.99

Sweetheart Bangle, Sterling Silver. £79.99

Puff Heart Bangle, Sterling Silver. £85.00

Mid Disc Necklace, Sterling Silver. £30.00

New Salt & Co. Wave Ring. Sterling Silver. £22.00 

Spotted Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver. £26.00

Rose Gold Plated Star Necklace, Silver & Rose Gold Plated. £15.99

Star Necklace, Silver Plated. £14.99

Mini Star Fish Studs, Sterling Silver. £16.99

Star Row Necklace, Silver Plated. £14.99

Star Necklace, Sterling Silver. £45.00

Shell Necklace, Silver Plated. £14.00

"Bee Happy" Bangle, Sterling Silver. £79.99

Mini Seashell Bangle, Sterling Silver. £79.99

3 Mini Disc Necklace, Sterling Silver. £43.00

Gold Filled Seashell Necklace, Gold & Sterling Silver. £48.00

Mini Starfish Necklace, Sterling Silver. £30.00

Chunky Star Necklace, Sterling Silver. £35.00 (Limited Edition)

Mini Seashell Necklace, Sterling Silver. £24.00

Sweetheart Necklace, Sterling Silver. £24.00

Mini Seashell Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver. £35.00


So thats all I've added recently, but I'd love it if you could go and check them out and tell me if you like them! 

The new packaging has arrived so all orders now placed will be sent out in our luxury velvet gift pouches or glossy black jewellery boxes, perfect for christmas gifts... or just treats for yourself!

All (as always) handmade by myself with love. 

-Martha x




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