Jellyfish, Pink Kunzite Ring

Jellyfish, Pink Kunzite Ring

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925 Sterling silver, one of a kind statement ring featuring a beautifully cut Pink Kunzite stone.

Set in a chunky bezel with cut light holes to let the light through to the stone, really encasing and enhancing its beauty.

This triangular cut stone does have two minor blemishes, two dark dots, hardly notice when worn and all adds to the charm of this ring.

One of a kind, Size R.

About Pink Kunzite: Pink Kunzite is a valuable crystal known for its calming properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Said to align the heart chakra with the throat and the third eye chakras- helping to fill every corner of your life with love, emotional healing and self acceptance. 

Cinderella fit: This collection was made to create your very own little Cinderella moment. But instead of “if the shoe fits” this is “if the rings fit”.
Because of the nature of this collection, these items cannot be resized for you, they are sold in one size. Please do not purchase a Cinderella fit ring if you do not know your ring size. You can order a ring sizing kit
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